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Bongo Cooler

Bongo Cooler
Bongo Cooler Bongo Cooler Bongo Cooler Bongo Cooler Bongo Cooler Bongo Cooler 
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The Bongo Cooler is a convenient 12-quart collapsible cooler that is strong enough to use as a seat. Great for tailgating, the beach, concerts, or road trips. The Bongo Cooler has a removable interior liner for added versatility. Take it wherever your busy schedule takes you.

1 Collapsible, six-sided cooler, 1 Padded lid, 1 removable, heat-sealed, water-resistant liner

Lightweight, durable construction; Fully insulated with a removable water-resistant liner to keep food and drinks hot or cold; Over 12 quarts of storage capacity; Padded lid serves as a comfortable seat cushion when you use the cooler as a seat; Adjustable strap.

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